Magnetic Coupler

        Couplings are widely used in various general machinery to connect two shafts so that they can rotate together to transmit torque and motion. 

The traditional coupling must transmit the torque through the mutual connection of the driving shaft and the driven shaft. This working principle makes the driving shaft and the driven shaft work when two different media need to be isolated from each other, they must be sealed with a sealing element. In this way, there are two situations, increase the torque resistance to ensure reliable sealing, or leak due to inadequate sealing. The sealing elements will wear and age, making leakage worse. This makes it necessary for companies to frequently check the sealing state of the equipment when using production equipment that generates harmful gases and liquids and needs to ensure strict sealing performance. 


The permanent magnet coupling is a new type of coupling that connects the prime mover and the working machine through the magnetic force of the permanent magnet. It does not require a direct mechanical connection, but uses the interaction between the rare earth permanent magnets and can be penetrated by the magnetic field. Through a certain spatial distance and the characteristics of material materials, mechanical energy transmission is carried out. 

The emergence of permanent magnet couplings has completely solved the leakage problem in some mechanical devices. This product is widely used in chemical, petroleum, food, shipbuilding, fuel supply, vacuum and other industries, especially for supporting applications on polyurethane high-pressure foaming equipment. Permanent magnet couplings also derive magnetic stirrer products. It is used in many industrial mixing and mixing processes. It is often necessary to install the mixer on the tank, the bottom or the side of the tank. So it will be divided into bottom-entry mixer or side-entry mixer. Scientifically and ingeniously integrating the permanent magnet coupling with this type of mixer can completely solve the problem of the mixer. The problem of easy leakage is equipped with permanent magnet transmission sealing device, and the static sealing structure is fully used. Achieve zero leakage, especially suitable for industries with strict sealing requirements


The permanent magnet coupling is mainly composed of three parts:

the Rotor, the Shell, the Drive/Driven

The machining process of the rotor determines the service life of the coupling. The rotor produced by osenc adopts advanced processing technology, which can ensure that the magnetic material will never contact the medium, prevent the corrosion of the magnetic material, have a longer service life, and the isolation sleeve. The current market is mainly made of stainless steel. When a metal isolating sleeve is used, the isolating sleeve is in a sinusoidal alternating magnetic field, and eddy current is induced in the cross section perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic force line and converted into heat, which affects the service life of the coupling. A cooling device must be added in the state. We use new polymer materials, which can greatly reduce the eddy current loss in the magnetic transmission, only generate a small amount of heat, and greatly improve the efficiency of the transmission.

osenc can design according to the data provided by the customer: 0.1-800N.M magnetic coupling