permanent magnet eddy current transmission technology principle


Permanent magnet eddy current transmission is a revolutionary transmission device that transmits torque through an air gap. There is no need for a mechanical connection between the motor and the load equipment shaft. When the motor rotates, the permanent magnet rotor is driven to generate a rotating magnetic field, and the conductor rotor is cut by the magnetic field. An eddy current (EddyCurrent) is generated. The eddy current generates an anti-inductive magnetic field on the conductor rotor, pulling the conductor rotor and the permanent magnet rotor to move relative to each other, thereby realizing the torque transmission between the motor and the load.
By adjusting the size of the air gap or area between the permanent magnet rotor and the conductor rotor, the size of the cut part of the conductor rotor in the magnetic field can be adjusted. The smaller the air gap or the larger the area, the stronger the induced magnetic field generated by its high-speed rotation. , The greater the torque produced, the higher the load speed. Conversely, the larger the air gap or the smaller the area, the smaller the induced magnetic field generated by its high-speed rotation, and the smaller the torque generated/load speed, so as to achieve the purpose of energy-saving.


The picture shows the start-up process of the 200KW high-voltage motor with load viewed by the oscilloscope. The blue is the on-start process, and the red is the start-up process of the permanent magnet coupler. can be seen. First, the impulse peak current will be reduced when starting, and the starting time of the motor will be greatly shortened at the same time. Therefore, the use of permanent magnet transmission can effectively protect the motor and the load, so that the motor can be loaded slowly after the load is disconnected from the load: the service life of the motor, including the service life of the load equipment, will be greatly extended. So the salient features of the permanent magnet coupling when it is started:

  1. Extended service life
  2. Short start-up time
  3. Effectively protect the motor


Permanent magnet coupling
Permanent magnet eddy current governor
Permanent magnet transmission

Through years of research and development, our company has mastered advanced permanent magnet eddy current transmission technology and obtained national patents. The company has carried out the technical development, performance test and actual use of couplings, speed regulators, and other series of products, and has been widely recognized by customers after being put into the market.

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